Early Morning at Streamview

Early Morning at Streamview
Early Morning at Streamview

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A Story to Share

I'd like to share with you a story that Richard wrote on the night of his mother's death. If is from the heart! (Get a tissue ready!!!)

Joy for Mom

Heaven will be brighter when our mother and father are reunited tonight. Our mother has prepared for this journey all of her earthly hours. Tonight she will follow our dad and be rewarded with her mansion in the sky. Our dad will be standing at the gates of Heaven with two fingers raised forming their sign, welcoming mom. Dad will walk the streets of gold with mom no longer having diabetes, Parkinsons, or any other earthly ailments. Free of disease will be only a fraction of the benefits bestowed upon mom tonight by our loving and all sharing Lord Jesus Christ. Tonight our mother will receive her healthy heavenly body. Dad will welcome her with open arms.

How comforting it is to know that mom and dad are together tonight. The world here will feel different, a little empty, but our hearts will be filled with joy for mom is in heaven with dad and with great friends like Vivian and Aunt Jean along with seeing her mom and dad again and rejoicing with so many others. We can only imagine the smiles on their faces when mom and her friends and family meet on those streets of gold.

Thank you Lord for welcoming our mother and father to heaven.

Good bye Lefty, I love you more!!!

The special sign they shared, as referred to in the story, is the index and middle finger held up together signifying the two of them together forever. Due to mom's parkinsons she could not always talk loud enough and dad was very hard of hearing, so they formed a sign that they could share instead of speaking. How beautiful!!!

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